Intercom Systems

MDS Digital - Combined Intercom + Access Control System

MDS Digital - Combined Intercom + Access Control System

FERMAX MDS is the standard for worldwide high performance digital audio and video intercom and access control systems. This system is installed within the world's most prestigious buildings and is highly recommended for large residential complexes with many users or for facilities where integration is required with other services.

An MDS system can include;

  • Digital audio and video intercom systems
  • Guard units or concierge
  • Access control systems
  • Lift security / control
  • Management of automatic devices within the building
  • Security and detection system management

The entire intercom and access control system runs over a SINGLE BUS and managed via a Central Unit. With one integrated FERMAX site capable of managing 600,000+ apartments and 2,000+ access or guard units by combining Central Units. One Central Unit by itself can manage up to 9,999 apartments and 32 accesses or guard units. The system is programmed and managed via WINCOM+ developed by FERMAX.

Access Control

There are 5 different access control technologies available;

  • Proximity. Via proximity card or fob key.
  • Keypad. Users have to enter their code via the keypad.
  • Biometric. You have to slide your finger through the sensor.
  • Bluetooth. Users have to put their mobile near the panel.
  • Radiofrequency. A remote control opens the access door.

It is possible to combine different technologies within the same FERMAX panel and/or MDS installation.